Safety and Security

What makes you feel safe in off-campus housing?

Hurtado Health Center, College Avenue Campus

Rutgers New Brunswick

If you want to live in the busiest area of Rutgers campus surrounded by fellow Rutgers Knights then you’re in luck.  All your RU Living apartment options are located within two blocks of either College Ave or Easton Ave. In fact, your home at 12 Bartlett Street is just 50 yards off of College Avenue and around the corner from College Avenue Student Center and main Rutgers bus stop.

Your home at 12 Bartlett Street is fully equipped with fire alarms and sprinkler systems.  Should a fire emergency ever arise the New Brunswick Fire Department is stationed on Bartlett Street, just one block away from your front door.

Feeling under the weather?

You’re less than a half-mile from Hurtado Health Center on College Avenue Campus when you live in an RU Living apartment.  If you’re feeling a little under the weather, you can call Hurtado to make an appointment and walk right over at your convenience. In a real emergency you’re less than half a mile from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and St. Peter’s Medical Center.

Who has access?

Your building and your unit at 12 Bartlett is equipped with electronic keys and locks.  Each key is registered under one resident and all apartments are programmed to open for its residents alone. Because each key is matched with one resident in particular, we can track who enters certain doors and units at any given time. Your unit is also equipped with an intercom system that allows you to talk and listen to anyone that might ring your doorbell, before using your “Door” button to allow them to enter the building.

24/7 Coverage

You deserve to feel safe both on campus and in your home. 12 Bartlett Street is equipped with over 60 cameras that monitor the front and back doors, lobby, hallways, backyard, parking deck and loading dock.  Each camera is motion-sensitive and has nighttime visibility, providing building surveillance 24/7.

Know your neighbors...

It’s hard to really know who you’re living with. You may be sharing a house or a building with others and you want to feel safe and good to go. To help you in this regard RU Living runs a criminal history background check on all of our applicants.

Stay connected!

Even in a city wide power outage you can keep warm by the fireplace, charge up and stay connected with your friends and family with the free lobby WiFi.  12 Bartlett Street has a generator for just such emergencies that powers all your common areas including the main office so you can also stay in touch with your RU Living property management team throughout any emergency situation.

Safe Travels

Your apartment is lined inside and out with lighting making the short late night walks home from Alexander Library or Easton Avenue even brighter.

Solid Core Doors

You can rest easy in your RU Living home knowing you’re tucked away behind a solid-core door, made of either hardwood or steel, and each door includes a deadbolt or door chain and peephole.