Safety and Security

Find out what makes RU Living the safest in off-campus housing:

Safest areas of New Brunswick

As every student knows, the safest areas of New Brunswick are located around the busiest areas of Rutgers campus. Here, that means the safest areas are closest to both College Avenue and Easton Avenue. Luckily for you, all RU Living houses are located within two blocks of either College Ave or Easton Ave.

Heavy-Duty Locks

While living in your RU Living home, it is important to know that locks at every one of our homes are commercial grade and heavy-duty. For extra security, all the locks at our houses across College Avenue Campus are replaced annually and before you move in, so you can be sure that the previous tenants do not have access to your new home.

Solid Core Doors

You can rest easy in your RU Living home knowing that each of our units is safely tucked away behind a solid-core door, made of either hardwood or steel, while each door includes a deadbolt or door chain and peephole.

Know your neighbors...

With the number of students at Rutgers, it’s hard to really know who you’re living with. You may be sharing a house or a building with others, so we want to make sure that you are safe and good to go. To weed out any bad seeds, RU Living runs a background check on all of our applicants and ensures that none of our residents hold a criminal history or record.