Sanitation Collection

Tired of taking out the garbage

RU Living takes out your garbage and recycling every week! Just leave it behind your house and we’ll take it from there. We even return the next day to return the cans from the street to the back of your house so you’re ready to go for another week!

  • RU Living residents DO NOT answer these questions:
  • Who’s turn is it to take out the garbage?
  • What’s the city trash schedule?
  • Is recycling on odd or even week?
  • What if garbage day is on a holiday?
  • Why are City garbage tickets so expensive?
  • I got a garbage ticket, were is Municipal Court?
  • What’s the City’s “Keep the City Clean” ordinance?
  • What are the municipal garbage code?

Sound confusing? Don’t worry about all that, RU Living has you covered, that’s hassle-free easy-living.